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Tourist car parameters and characteristics


--- "Little Prince" - EW4DY series 23 seats pure electric sightseeing car
Since its inception, we has been adhering to the innovative concept of "safety first, quality first, technology leading". In the process of designing and manufacturing the new sightseeing car, we have not forgotten the original heart. After two years, we have created the "Little Prince" with the quality and ingenuity - the EW4DY series of 23 seats pure electric sightseeing cars.
“Little Prince” is specially used for large-scale tourist attractions, communities, real estate, large amusement facilities and other places, especially for mountainous scenic spots.





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23 seats pure electric sightseeing car technical parameters:




Rated passenger capacity (Including driver)

23 person

Max Running Speed(Km/h)

30 (Empty) ; 27(Fully Loaded)

Car Weight(Kg)


Minimum Ground clearance(mm)

170 (Empty) ; 150 (Fully Loaded)



Wheelbase (mm)


Wheel Track (Front/Back) (mm)


Minimum outer turning radius (mm)


Braking distance

Less than 5 m

Climbing Ability(Full loaded)


Rated / Maximum Motor Power(kw)


Lithium Battery


Lithium Battery Capacity



On Board, Water Cooling

Charging time

Less than 4.5 h

Electric Motor Controller

AC, Water Cooling


23 seats pure electric sightseeing car features:
1. The whole vehicle can carry 22 passengers, and the one-way capacity is increased by 40% compared with 14 sightseeing vehicles.
2. Adopting 144V water-cooled AC drive system, the climbing power is strong, and the full load can climb up to 30%.
3. The integrated control technology is used to configure the central control unit, multi-function instrument panel and lighting system of the passenger car. The whole vehicle is electrically controlled by 12V low voltage and is safely isolated from 144V high voltage to ensure safe driving and easy maintenance.
4. The beam-type frame has strong bearing capacity and torsional strength. It has passed the severe test of off-road pavement and 30% ramp under the full load condition of nearly 1000 hours. The electric power steering system cooperates with the vacuum assisted braking system to ensure Vehicle safety performance
5. Optional:
The vehicle is equipped with a central control multimedia system, 5-screen multi-purpose LED display, 3 sets of imaging systems, reversing radar and other functions to ensure the safety of passengers while ensuring the performance of the whole vehicle and all-weather use.
6. Adopting 144V large capacity lithium battery as power source, its advantages:
a: Compared to lead-acid batteries, the overall weight is reduced by 30%, achieve the vehicle lightweight requirements
b: It can be guaranteed for 3 years or 80,000 kilometers, whichever comes first.
c: Through the automatic thermostat system of lithium battery, the car can be used all day, in the range of -30 degrees Celsius~45 degrees Celsius
d: Energy saving, environmental protection, zero emissions, no pollution, in line with national policy requirements


Save queue time——Improve visitor satisfaction
In holiday, visitors have skyrocketed, and various queues and crowding have reduced visitor experience satisfaction. In order to meet the new needs of tourist attractions and park visitors in the new era, improve the reception service level of scenic spots and parks, and reduce operating costs, “Little Prince” uses the international leading intelligent communication system as the power, and the lithium battery lasts for a long time and is light. Quantitative, customized, intelligent, especially suitable for use in tourist attractions, parks, large amusement facilities, etc., to enhance the satisfaction of visitors experience.



Develop Special Services——Fashion, Beautiful, New look
The appearance of the subversion of the traditional concept, the use of double-curved large-size landscape front windshield, streamlined headlights, colorful LED display and other innovative design, full of technology.


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